Caps off to Foxtel Broadband’s new unlimited plans

Caps off to Foxtel Broadband’s new unlimited plans

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Caps off to Foxtel Broadband's new unlimited plans

Foxtel subscribers hoping to get a better value package from the Pay TV provider are officially in luck, with the company upgrading its broadband plans for Pay TV subscribers.

The big development is that in the upper tiers, Foxtel broadband now offers unlimited data.

Costing $ 115 per month on a 12 or 24-month plan – in addition to the price of a Foxtel entertainment package, of course – customers get unlimited data, plus unlimited standard local and national calls.

Platinum Foxtel subscribers have it even better, with the broadband plan cost dropping to $ 90 a month for the same benefits.

Those that sign up to the 24-month contract will also get the Foxtel hub wireless router thrown in for nothing.

Less for more

If those prices seem a bit steep but you still like the idea of packaging your Pay TV with your broadband, Foxtel has also announced a 100GB plan for $ 80 a month on top of your Foxtel package.

As far as value is concerned, these new plans are definitely on the more expensive end of the unlimited data spectrum, especially considering the price of a Foxtel subscription is going to be added on there as well.

But if you already pay for Foxtel and want the convenience of a single bill, these new plans are still better value than the previous plans.

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